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Name:Narugami / Thor
Birthdate:Jan 1
Name: Narugami aka Thor (yes the ancient Norse god)
Series: Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

He was originally sent by Odin to kill the banished god Loki in the human realm. He saw no reason to. Despite Loki being a trickster and a trouble maker he didn't believe that warranted death.

However he unfortunately forgot how to actually return to the realm of the gods. Now stuck in the human world he has no choice but to work a variety of part time jobs to support himself. Of course he often drops by to visit his old buddy Loki... and freeload off him at the same time.

He is considered to be the strongest fighter in the series' world, and the only person he hasn't defeated is Loki himself, though he has never actually tried fighting him either.
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